Why Ask Take GO?

Our Background

We have extensive experience working with strategic planning, re-marketing, and trading (buy, sell) small to large fleets of surplus equipment. We understand the end-to-end process of successful remarketing deal management.


Product Value

Easy-to-use, planned, and transparent, we organize the equipment remarketing deal management process, improving efficiencies to predictably close deals so you can plan your equipment inventory lifecycle.


Our Benefits

For Equipment Seller

AskTakeGo DealCircle™ brings buyers and service providers to the deal Visual dashboard of buyers and their equipment interest AskTakeGo ReadyToCloseTM certification for faster closing of deal(s) Secure mobile access with push notifications

For Equipment Buyer

Advanced planning using AskTakeGo DealCentricPlan for equipment of interest Automated search and tracking of seller inventory Invitation to join relevant equipment sales deals AskTakeGo DealCircle™ invites related service providers to the deal(s) Transparent workflow to closing deal(s) and fulfillment Secure mobile access with push notifications

For Equipment Service Provider

Pre-planning and better visibility to the seller and buyer deal(s) AskTakeGo DealCircle™ invites service providers to the deal(s) AskTakeGo ReadyToClose™ certification for faster closing of deal(s) Organizing and tracking all required documentation

For Equipment User

End-to-End management of the equipment remarketing process Advanced planning and preparation for eventual sale Easy to understand, transparent, and consistent process Timely notification of progress towards plan

For Investment Recovery Executive

Easily track progress of the investment recovery plan Improve predictability of quarterly outcomes Real-time access to product and support information from any device Timely escalation of issues that can impede progress