AskTakeGo deal management solutions are designed to solve your planning challenges in inventory management and also to deliver tangible value – bringing deal(s) to customers.
Our applications are built around deal-based workflows, to effortlessly close deals. Our approach cutting-edge cloud based technology quickly adds value, enhances security, and improves customer satisfaction.

How Our Solutions Add Value

Proactively identify and connect related buyers, sellers, and service providers to plan, organize, and close remarketing deals :

AskTakeGo DealCentricPlan™

Proactively works with customers to create and track the strategic plan well in advance of their equipment buying or selling needs using our AskTakeGo DealCentricPlan™ technology.

AskTakeGo DealCircle™

Automatically identifies and invites buyers, sellers, and service providers into the AskTakeGo DealCircle™

AskTakeGo Ready2Close™

Automates the process of closing and delivery of the remarketed equipment utilizing the AskTakeGo Ready2Close™ certification. By integrating directly with the Service Providers we ensure an end-to-end process for equipment trading.

AskTakeGo Analytics

Generates key insights based on a comparative and comprehensive analysis of the data from the end-to-end deal management process.

Create a deal to Sell or Buy equipment